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In Year 3, the children begin learning French, which is often the first
language they will encounter when they progress to secondary education. As
a Latin-based language, it provides a solid basis for learning other
languages, with easily transferrable language skills.
Children will gain a deepening understanding of the world through learning
about French culture. They should begin to develop a foundation for further
language learning throughout Key Stage 2 which should prepare them for Key
Stage 3 and beyond. Our French provision should excite and engage the
children as they develop ways to express themselves in the language.
Exminster School provides a programme of study based on key aspects of
grammar, vocabulary and of the French culture. Children begin French
lessons at the beginning of Key Stage 2 and continue through until they
finish Year 6. We have links with a local secondary school to assist with a
smooth transition from primary to secondary language learning.
During lessons, the children will engage in activities such as:
·       conversations in French
·       singing songs and rhymes
·       project-based work encompassing French cultures around the world
·       listening to and reading texts in French
·       writing in sentences based on phrases and vocabulary they have
practised in conversation
Through enjoyment, the children will be able to develop their understanding
of the French language and way of life and use this to support other
aspects of the curriculum. The aim of this is to encourage the children to
be respectful of other cultures and ways of life.
The children will be able to discuss similarities and differences between
French and English, and talk about French traditions and culture. This
supports the teaching of grammar in both English and French.
The impact of our curriculum offer means that by the end of Y6 children
will be well prepared for either continuing French or for learning new
language at Secondary level.