Family SEAL

RS Family SEAL - Week 3

This week we looked at how we can help our children to self regulate through different relaxation methods in particular massage. Together we learnt the weather massage which is always a firm favourite with the children. Our activities were all based around relaxation and Mindfulness.

RS Family SEAL - Week 2

This week in family SEAL we've been looking at the brain and behaviour.  We discussed what happens to our children when they disregulate and how we can forge bonds with them through mirroring. Our activities this afternoon were based around mirroring. We created towers, models and rhythms on instruments to copy.

RS Week 1 - Family SEAL

Thank you to all those parents from RS who came to this week's Family SEAL. This week we looked at attachment. Our activities included portraits,  tower building,  dressing up and sharing stories from our community library. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

RGM Family SEAL - Celebration, joy and positve mental health

Wow, what a fantastic four weeks we've had a Family SEAL with RGM. Thank you so much to all the parents who attended and I hope today you've experienced celebration and joy with your children. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. We'll be back after half term with RS.

RGM Family SEAL - Relationships and relaxation

My favourite week of Family SEAL, relationships and relaxation. Together we learnt the weather massage. The children were really gently when trying out the weather massage on their grown ups. Children took part in a range of activities which encouraged them to find ways in which to relax particularly if they are upset. Children made calming space bottles, breathing strings and the children particularly enjoyed the Mindfulness colouring.

RGM Family SEAL - The brain and behaviour (week 2)

In Family SEAL this week we have been looking at the brain and how our children are affected when they disregulate. We built a brain to understand how our brain has 3 parts which need to work together to function effectively. Our activities this week looked at mirroring, a powerful way in which we can communicate and show interest in our children.

RGM Family SEAL -Attachment (week 1)

What a great first week of Family SEAL. This week we have looked at attachment. All our afternoon activities have been based around 'notice me.' The children dressed up, drew portraits and built towers as tall as our grown ups.

Celebration and joy

Today was our last Family SEAL so I'd like to thank all the adults who attended, it's been a pleasure meeting you all. Our theme today was celebration. Children took part in a range of activities. A particular favourite was icing biscuits and our new activity, fruit monsters!

FamiLY SEAL WEEK 3 - Relaxation

This week we have been learning the weather massage. There were lots of giggles as children had a massage from their adults. After, children tried relaxation activities. Take a look at some of our photos.

Family SEAL session 2

This week we have been looking at our children's brains and what happens to them when they are upset or angry. We spoke about how we can help our children when this happens. Our activities were based on mirroring and trying to match our children. Next week we are looking at relaxation and massage for children.

Reception Family SEAL

Welcome to all of our families who attended Family SEAL yesterday. Over the next four weeks we will be investigating what happens in our children's brains as they grow. This week we focused on attachment. The activities were based on eye contact between parent and child. We made pipe cleaner specs, drew around each other and had a competition to see who could make the tallest tower. We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Year 4 Pop Up Family SEAL

Wow, what a fantastic response to our Year 4 Family SEAL session yesterday. We had over 35 grown ups and children in the hall having a fabulous time. We made sandwiches blindfolded, iced biscuits, created Christmas crafts, shared books and relaxed together. It was great to see everyone engaging and sharing memorable experiences with the children. If you have any suggestions or feedback relating to our Family SEAL sessions please email the school and our amazing office team will pass them on to me. Thank you again for your support, Mrs Godbeer.

Good to be me....let's celebrate!

We have reached our final week with RGG and can I start by saying a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents for their support over the past 4 weeks. Mrs Edwards and I have really enjoyed spending time with you and your children. Today we have celebrated with a party. We have iced cakes, created fantastic crowns and made sandwiches....blind folded!
We have received some great feedback from parents. One grandparent commented "I loved spending time with my grandson. I would love to come to more sessions. Thank you for letting me attend." Emma said the best part of Family SEAL was " Being with my Mummy."
We hope to see all of the reception children and their grown ups in the near future at one of our pop up sessions.

Family SEAL - Relationships

In Family SEAL this week we have been looking at the relationships we have with our children. We have focused on how we can use massage as a form of relaxation. Children from RGG and their parents learnt and practised the Weather massage. This massage allows gentle touch with a story attached. Later children and their parents tried different ways to relax such as hand massage, colouring and reading. We look forward to seeing everyone next week for our final party session!

RGG Family SEAL - Getting on and falling out

This week we have been looking at Getting on and falling out. The children of RGG and their adults have spent time thinking about different feelings. To help them children have made feeling thermometers and thought about what makes a good friend. Next week we will be looking at relaxation. Thanks to all those families who joined us today and we hope to see you next week.

RGG Family SEAL 2016

Welcome from Family SEAL to all the children and parents of RGG. We have had great fun together this afternoon icing biscuits, painting, making trees and thinking about goals. Alfie's goal is to eat all his tea this week and put his plate in the sink!


Thank you to all the children and adults who attended RLM Family SEAL over the past 4 weeks. We celebrated our final session yesterday with a 'Going for goals' afternoon. Children with their adults enjoyed making sandwiches blindfolded, decorating cakes, thank you cards, play dough and much more. Once again thank you to all the adults for making Family SEAL such a resounding success.