It's all happening in Year 5! We are really busy putting together a dance with a football theme which we are going to be performing at a Dance Event at the DAPA Centre at Dartington on 2nd April. Mrs Mason (Tom's mum) has been helping us map out the dance and we have already learnt and 'polished' (made it look really good) the opening section. We have used jumps, travels and freeze frame techniques and memorised a tricky dance phrase of linked movements for the middle section. It's really good fun to all be working together on this project! More details of the event and a sneak peek video clip to follow.....

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What a great week we have had in Year 5. It has been lovely to spend time creating art work and poetry. We used the work of local artist Michael Norman, who creates beautiful seascapes of the Exe estuary, to inspire us. We used soft pastels to create our pieces. Soft pastels are very chalky and blend well, which is a skill we worked hard to develop over the week. On Friday, Mr Norman visited to look at our work and show us some of his. His sketchbooks were amazing! Our pastel pictures looked super in the Art Exhibition on Friday. Well done Year 5 we are very proud of you.

DSCN0546 800x600We had an extremely busy week in Year 5 with our geography based activities. As our main topic focus is the local coastline, we took the opportunity to carry out some detailed mapwork exploring how the coastline at Exmouth and Dawlish Warren has changed over the last 150 years. Using maps and resources from the 'Living With A Changing Coast' project we created overlays which really showed us how much our local environment is evolving. We all found this an  interesting activity and we are very pleased with the standard of our finished work.

5NS have been getting ready to embark on their learning about the Exe Estuary and Dawlish Warren.  To get the children thinking about the landscapes and beautiful scenary on their doorstep, they were asked to produce some artwork, using photographs of the estuary and River Exe as their starting point.  As you will see when you look at some of their artwork, they have done an incredible job.


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Year 5 spent the day in one of the oldest buildings in Exeter, St. Nicholas Priory.  They were invited there by owner Sir Nicholas Hurste.  Whilst they were there, Sir Nicholas put them to work in his kitchen, showed them how to make butter the Tudor way, taught them how to play a favourite game of the Tudors - Shovelboard, and allowed them to dress up in Tudor fashion of the day.  The children also spent some time at RAMM discovering how the Tudors of the South West influenced the wider society of the age.  The children were able to look closely at artefacts from the day, created by local craftsmen, and view paintings from the era which were over 400 years old.  A great day was had by all!

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In Literacy, we wrote descriptions of the first part of our new book 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick. Here are some of our sentences:


The glittering moon bathed Paris in a silver mist that glowed brightly. (Catherine)


The shimmering moon shone down on to Paris and lit up the Eiffel tower. (Caitlin)


The moon shone over the town on a misty moonlit night. (Ben)


As the moon rose up from the gloomy night sky, its rays showered Paris as if the stars were falling. (Deanna)

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