Tank 1


Last week, we had a very exciting trip to the Tank Museum in Dorset. We took part in two amazing workshops:


One of the workshops used the Museum’s superb reconstructed trench system and items from the handling collection including uniforms, helmets, rifles, gasmasks and grenades to give us a real and immediate experience of what life was like during the war and why it was necessary to invent the tank. The other workshop included the chance to get inside a 1917 Mark IV tank, the opportunity to try on tank crew uniform, handle munitions and climb aboard a modern British Army Main Battle Tank.


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Uni 5

On Wednesday this week, twenty four children from Years 5 and 6 were able to go to a Science and Technology fair at Plymouth University. When we arrived, we got blue caps to show which group we were in. We did lots of exciting things like going on a Segway. Our favourite things were: the oculus rift; making identity cards; playing beta video games; the dino walk; and standing inside a bubble. There were also lots of fascinating things to see including a man engine submarine and some optical illusions. We all had a great time and we wish we could do it again. Thank you Mrs Williams and Mrs Corkery for taking us! Click 'read more' for more photos.

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