Year 6 were very fortunate to have two visitors who came in to talk about their careers.

Doctor Deirdre Hughes OBE came in to talk about the research that she conducts around the world and also she showed us pictures of her meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

We also had a visit from Robert Hughes who discussed his engineering background. The children really enjoyed playing with the moving robot.

We would like to thank them both for inspiring the children.

Today we mastered the hill during paddle boarding and Sophie and Ollie hit the bullseye in archery.

Eleanor and Daneal had a lovely birthday and enjoyed eating their cake around the camp fire whilst toasting marshmallows.

We have really enjoyed the assault course today and we are now taking part in Fun 4. Also, the sun has come back out!

More fun....

Now we have stopped for a breather, here is another attempt at an update of the fun we have been having.

After experiencing a number of technical issues we have persevered in our motivation to update people at home in true Exminster Rainbow Value fashion by eventually getting the blog to post!

We have had a lovely day. Surfing was perfect and the weather has been super. Better get some sleep before paddle boarding, canoeing, high ropes and raft building tomorrow!

Some of us are having a quiet morning on site before kayaking, raft building and stand- up paddle boarding this afternoon. If you can't spot the little person you are looking for here, it's because they are surfing. More pics later!

We had time for a game of cricket before tea today. Then yummy chicken for tea and cake for pudding.

Surfing at Westward Ho! for some of us today- and then a beautiful walk back along the South West Coast Path.

Some of us tackled the high ropes this afternoon- facing their fears! More photos to follow...

Arrived safely! Just getting sorted for first activities- high ropes and ultimate assault this afternoon.

Some of our Y6 children were able to attend the Civic Award presentation evening at St Cuthbert Mayne School in Torquay last night. This year over 500 Year 6  children in Torbay and the surrounding area have completed their Civic Award- a fantastic achievement. We are very proud of all of the children who have won this prestigious award this year.

Have you visited ' Rock Bottom' yet?The year 5 and 6 production is in full swing and we have performed to a packed audience this afternoon! Well done to all the children involved in this fantastic show!

In Year 6 Bikeability we have been learning how to stay safe on roads when out and about. We have been taught and helped to improve many skills of safely riding a bike on the roads such as signalling, turning in and out of junctions and more. This enables us to be an able bike user on the roads both for our safety and drivers. Written by James

From Monday to Thursday Year 6 have had the pleasure of doing SATS. On Monday we had the first  paper. It was SPaG; we prepared for questions about subjunctive form, past progressive tense, present progressive tense and past  perfect tense.
On Tuesday we had a reading paper. The reading paper had 3 different texts with lots of questions. The texts and the questions became harder towards the end of the paper.
On Wednesday we had two papers. It was two maths papers. The first paper was arithmetic. We have worked really hard practising this. We also had the reasoning paper 1.
On Thursday we had our last paper . It was reasoning 2. Before the paper we had a sats breakfast which consisted of croissants, brioches, pancakes, crumpets, hot chocolate and fruit. It was almost worth doing it for the breakfast!
Jess, Evie and Sophie

In Year 6 we have been thinking about how plastic effects the environment and how it hurts wild animals, especially marine life like turtles and dolphins, so we decided to do some work based around it. In the morning we did some fantastic artwork themed around plastic, some people did dolphins and one did whales and other things.
In the afternoon we were joined by our rainbow buddies (Reception) to make some bio-degradable pots which were used to grow rocket.

On World Book Day we came to school in our wellies. This is because our new English sequence is poetry, based around the book ' Where my Wellies Take Me' by Clare and Michael Morpurgo. In the book, the main character, Pippa, takes a walk around the countryside she lives in and at certain points shares as poem that relates to that place. We are going to use Pippa's idea to create a route around our school and create poems for different places and memories. You will see from our photos that we went out and around the school site with a map, planning a route and discussing memories of our time here. Look out for our own poetry book, 'Where my School Shoes Take Me' coming soon...