Year Five

Art with Dawlish College

On Friday 8th March, Year 5 were joined by pupils from Dawlish College and embarked on an eco themed art project. Our big question in year 5 this term is 'How does our use of plastic impact on our Earth?'  We looked at four key areas: mass production; consumerism and wastefulness; environmental impact and how we can change by reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing. The children use acrylic paint and used plastic to create four panels depicting each of the aspects. Here is a taster of what we did.

If you would like to see the finished product you are welcome to go along to an evening of drama, music and art at Dawlish College on Wednesday 3rd April , performances start at 6pm.

World Book Day in 5JJ

In Year 5, we've worn some fantastic costumes into school today for World Book Day. The text we are looking at is 'The Night Zoo Keeper', so we've come in dressed as all sorts of animals!

'Protect our planet' display.

Have you seen our finished display in the corridor by the hall? We have learned about ways that you can re-use plastic to make something useful, rather than throw it away or send it for recycling after just one use. We designed and made bird feeders, piggy banks, pencil pots, toy jet packs, bowling pins and more using plastic bottles. We've also written instructions so if you'd like to know how to make something from our display, come and read the instructions.

Y5 Word Rich

On Thursday  year five held their Word Rich session. It was great to see so many adults attend. There was lots to share including SPaG, non-fiction books, our favourite word, community library and some challenging fictional texts. It is fabulous to see the year 5 pupils take on the opportunity to broaden their vocabulary in all they do.

GOAL - How does our use of plastics impact on our Earth?

We have had an enjoyable and productive week designing and making new things from used plastic. In our GOAL work this term we will be looking at how our use of plastic impacts on our Earth. We took used plastic and created bird feeders, pencil pots and a variety of toys which can all be used again. Please come and see our display in the main building which showcases our products as well as instructions on how we made them.

Fabulous finish to the Maya

We have just brought our topic of the Maya to a fabulous finish with our Mayan pyramids. We spent time researching, designing, building and evaluating them and are thrilled with the results. Have a look at the photos.

Devon and Cornwall Fire Safety Talk

Last Friday, year 5 had a visit from Devon and Cornwall Fire Department. We learnt all about how to check smoke alarms, the dangers of hoax calls and the importance of planning an exit route in our houses in case of a fire.  We all really enjoyed it and feel much better educated on the subject of fire safety.

Saxophone Quartet at Powderham Castle

Year 5 visited Powderham Castle this afternoon to listen to some live music in the James Wyatt Music Room. Phase Saxophone Quartet, who all currently train at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, played a selection of pieces including Little Fugue in G minor by Bach and Shotgun by George Ezra. The children thoroughly enjoyed the live music and behaved impeccably throughout. We also enjoyed the bus journey despite the rain.

French in Year 5

We have been combining our learning about Earth and Space. Having looked at this in science, we decided, through our Pupil Voice, to research the topic further in French. In teams, we created a guide to the planets. This resulted in the development of our vocabulary and sentence structure. We enjoyed working in teams and sharing all we had learnt.

Y5 Tag Rugby

Today, Y5 took part in a tag rugby tournament at South Dartmoor Community College. We joined  a two hundred strong group of children and played rugby in the sunshine. Great fun wa had by all, we scored some tries and managed to meet all of our Rainbow Values.
A fab way to end our first half term.

Year 5's visit to the Planetarium today

Today Year 5 had a fantastic opportunity to experience a planetarium. We entered through a nearly pitch black tunnel which two door monitors held open. We had to enter in small groups so the dome didn't deflate too much. As we entered, we saw a central light that represented the sun. We then looked at the rotation of the earth and the different phases of the moon. Next, we saw images of the planets. We learnt that if you walk on any gas planet you would fall through to the centre. After that, the lights dimmed completely and we observed the star constellations. We found out that the North Pole star does not move across the sky but stays constant always pointing north. We really enjoyed this experience.

Science - Earth and Space

In science this week, we posed the question 'How can observing and measuring shadows help us demonstrate the spinning of the earth?' We discussed possible ways to carry out this experiment and decided that we would track the sun's shadows. Throughout the day, we drew and measured the lengths of the shadows cast by a pole. We found out that as the day progressed the shadows became shorter. Unfortunately in the afternoon, the cloud cover increased so much that we were unable to carry on.
We all really enjoyed this and could clearly see that the earth does indeed spin because the shadows moved.

A visit from healthcare professionals

Today we were very fortunate to have 4 visitors talk to us about their role in  hospitals and doctors surgeries. It was very practical and we enjoyed learning about all the different jobs nurses do. These range from injections to taking blood pressure. We then filled in what we liked about the job and the qualifications needed. Finally we rated our interest in the career out of 10.

Careers Week

Careers Week has been so interesting for year 5! We have already had some great visitors in to talk to us about their career pathways. On Monday we welcomed a Police Sergeant, an ex Royal Navy bomb disposal diver and an ex Army Officer. They taught us a lot about what their jobs involved.Than you Nathan, Steve and Elliot for giving up your time to talk to us.


Because Year 6 are on residential, we get to look after their ducklings. They are called Marcus and Spencer. Marcus is the duck that has black and white unique patterns. Spencer is the duck that is calm and gentle.

We are taking care of them by making sure they are hydrated and making sure they have enough food.

3D models ( not to scale)

In Year Five we have been creating our own 3D models from Harry Potter. We had to chose from 4 different rooms: Hagrids Hut, Snape's Potion Room,  the Great Hall and the Quidditch Pitch.
To do this task, we were put in groups of 3 or 4 to make it easier to create the models.
We had to  cut the size down by dividing the length by ten but some of the lengths were really big for instance the Quidditch pitch was 1.56 metres and the great hall was 1.10 metres long.

Seaside Bunting

We have had lots of fun designing, creating and using the screen prints to create our seaside bunting. We were visited by Dawlish Community College and some ex students. We all had lots of fun!
Please come and have a look at the Summer Fair.

Our completed screen printing.

Over the weekend, our screen printing (that we started on Friday) dried completely. We are really pleased with the result and are looking forward to seeing it hanging up.

Screen Printing

In Year 5  we have been doing art. Teachers from Dawlish came in to teach us skills involved in screen printing. First we had to draw a picture with a seaside theme. Then we cut it out around the outline of the shape. After that we carefully cut out the details with a craft knife and added tissue paper. Finally we had to put a screen with paint over the top of the bunting. Please have a look at the finished product!

We The Curious

Our trip to Bristol was fantastic! We loved the Forensics Workshop and had a great time looking at all the interactive exhibits.


We have been trying to prove what conditions cress seeds need in order to grow. We have prepared our seeds and given them different conditions to grow in to see if they will germinate. Today was the last day of our experiment and we took photographs to show what has happened to our cress. As you can see different growing conditions have really had an impact on what happens to the seeds.

GOAL Home Learning

We shared some of our super GOAL home learning today. We have been very creative!

The Daily Sportsman

Well done to Thomas who became a reporter for the day at St James' Park when Exeter City played Colchester on 5th May. Thomas watched the match really carefully from the reporters box and then wrote an article with the headline 'Lincoln here we come!' for the Daily Sportsman newspaper. Thomas remembered all the top tips he had been taught when working on Journalistic writing in Year 5 and put his skills to great use. Well done Thomas!

Getting to know each other better!

In GOAL today we mixed up right across our year group so that we could work with our peers from the other class. Joe said: ' I love that we could sit with people you don't usually sit with and work with people you don't usually work with.'
Olivia commented: ' It has helped my presentation because some of the other children are really neat!'
Eleanor said: ' Not only to you get to see different people, you also get to be in a different classroom and use different resources.'
Well done year 5 for being so inclusive this afternoon.'