Reception had a special visit from some aliens over the weekend! They left a letter asking the children to create their own aliens to board the spaceship and join the crew. The children have been busy writing letters to the aliens!

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People Who Help Us

The children in reception have been learning all about people who help us. We have been very lucky to have special visits from a teacher, lollipop lady, soldier, nurse, scientist, paramedic and firefighter! We have learnt all about these different jobs and the children enjoyed dressing up as one of those occupations on world book day!


We had some special visitors today! To start our new topic, we had a visit from the donkeys. We learnt about how the Donkey Sanctuary look after the donkeys: what they eat, how to groom them and how to clean their hooves. We also looked at how donkeys are used to help with farming in other countries. We enjoyed meeting Wonky and Rolo. 

Exeter Exotics

Today we had some special visitors. Exeter Exotics came to show us some of their favourite animals. We met a carpet Python, a possum, a large spider, a chameleon, a bearded dragon and two skunks!

The children learnt lots about each animal and had the opportunity to touch some of them!

Mini-Me Yoga

Reception have been enjoying their yoga club! They have learnt how to send positive energy to our friends and family.  This week we learnt the tree pose, the warrior pose, the giggle pose and the mountain pose!

Rainbow Day

We had lots of fun on rainbow day. The theme was anti bullying week so we have been learning all about how to be a good friend. We made a friendship web by telling each other how they are a good friend and connecting the wool.

We read a story called 'In my heart' which taught us all about the different feelings we have such as happy, angry, excited and sad. We made superhero masks to show all these different feelings.

We enjoyed sharing stories with the children in year one as well as creating a friendship poster with our handprints.

We finished rainbow day by performing the poem 'I'll be there for you' in assembly!

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We're going on a bear hunt!

We had so much fun on our trip to the forest! We started off by exploring the forest and the treehouse. We went on a bear hunt through the mud and the long grass! Then we found lots of toy animals in the forest. We made houses for the bears out of trees and sticks. Finally, we enjoyed a hot chocolate and apple around the camp fire!


This week in reception we have been learning all about the number two!

We had a go at finding 2 objects and working out how to make 2 with the numicon. We talked about what we have 2 of, such as 2 eyes and 2 ears.

As well as this, we used whiteboards to practice writing the number 2!

This week in reception...

This week in reception we have been learning the phonemes s, a and t. The children have learnt a story and an action for each one. They had lots of practice writing the phonemes using big paper and pens as well as chalks on the playground!

Police visit and RGL'S Games Morning

RGL really enjoyed their Games Morning, playing maths and phonics games in the hall. We were also really lucky to have Grace K's dad  to talk to us about his job as a police man. The children enjoyed trying on the uniform.

Reception's Games Morning

On Thursday,  many parents joined their children for RGM's games morning.  The games included numicon bingo, buried treasure and fill your cup. Afterwards parents took home resources to play similar games home and parents reported they had enjoyed the games and time with their children in school. Thank you to all that attended.

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Making campfires in the Role Play area and practicing their letter formation

This week in Reception, the children were making campfires in their new role play area. See previous blogs to see Role play area. They enjoyed making the fire and building it in the process. The children also enjoyed practising their letter formation and tricky words. Please have a look at some of the photos below.

Ball Skills

Reception have been practicing their Ball Skills in PE with Mrs Lethbridge from South Dartmoor Community College. They were learning how to roll the ball and throw it. To improve their throwing skills, they have been remembering to use their opposite leg to their hand and have been targeting the ball through​ the centre of the hoop.

Receptions New Role-play Area

This half term receptions role play area is a forest linked to their topic the Gruffalo. Each week the forest has a different theme for example this week they have been explorers in it. Here is what they have said about the role play area:
Erin-" I like making dens, I also like finding bugs."
Isla- I like playing Mums,Dads,Sisters, Brothers and Babies in the den.
Pheobe- "I can see a hedgehog and a woodpecker."
Tululah- "I like going in the role play area with my friends and looking for different animals."
Hope-" I like catching birds."

Reception visit the post office

This week, reception visited the post office to send letters to Father Christmas. On the way through the village, we looked at the number on doors and whilst at the post office, found out about what they sell. We are looking forward to receiving our replies!

Reception Class at the Sports Festival

We had a super time today trying out different activities.We tried a range of sports such as cricket, football, rugby, relay racing and parachute games. We loved being taught by the big girls and boys from South Dartmoor College.

Making our shakers for our Rio carnival

We had great fun this week making shakers and head bands in preparation for our carnival parade next term. We are excited about dressing up with Key Stage One and sharing our carnival with our parents.

Learning to read the tricky word 'said'

On Friday we learnt to read the tricky word said. We talked about the bits that were harder in the word and then looked for the words in reading books and books from the book area. Some children found it 9 times!

Touching Minibeasts

We enjoyed touching the minibeasts and exploring how they moved.

Following instructions to make paper aeroplanes.

We have been making up instructions to accompany some pictures which demonstrate how to make a paper aeroplane. In Guided Writing we made a plane and described each stage. We wrote about one step of our choice. Tomorrow we are going to race our planes! We added an extra step which was to decorate our planes! We are very excited to be watching them whizz through the air tomorrow.

Subtraction with skittles

We have been using subtraction whilst playing skittles in our groups.

Growing Cress

In our English lessons we have been following instructions and have each grown some cress seeds. We have written about the things we needed, filmed ourselves explaining the instructions and thought of the language we use when explaining how to do something. Next week we are going to taste our cress and follow some instructions to make a hat to wear to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

Buying Hot Cross Buns

We learnt the song ' Hot Cross Buns' today. We then had a price ticket and made the amount on the ticket and bought a bun from the shop.
We talked about the symbol on the hot cross buns.